[ the day you came back ]

I remember that day, you came back like you'd never left but we all knew it...you broke me inside but you came back to my door asking forgiveness and saying that all was going to be allright...

...but, well, it wasn't.

I refused, you must know when you have to say no even if it hurts more than anything else. We said goodbye, we left our little friendly place to never go back. I closed the gate. I opened it tonight, i remembered those good old days when we used to walk ald talk and laugh...you know, when we used to be friends.

Now it's truly gone.

Where you are? I don't know.
What are you doing? I'll never know.
Will we see each other once more? I don't think so.
Do I miss you? Sometimes...once in a while, like tonight.

...as the song says...
...you are the thunder and i am the lightning...


Tras el rato de recuerdos diré que es probable que no esté cerca por los próximos días dado que tendré mucho trabajo por delante pero para tod@s l@s invitad@s a la fiesta del 24, recuerden que los espero en mi casa a las 2 de la tarde en punto y, si necesitan algo, me llamen (:

i♥u people of the bloggy.world.

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