[ the whisper... ]

The Whisper Of The Waters
-by rita kirwan-

The whisper of the waters takes me back
Drags me back to the beginning
Where i'm not scared of ending
Because i don't know the start.

I took the advise, never asked why
Through the highway, down the river
When i'm sweating, if i shiver
From the lava to the ice
I adopt his words as mine
He made my water his wine.

I kept running the endless race
I've seen ashes turned to gold
I've touched hearts tatooed with 'SOLD'
Just to get close to your face
Just to taste your lips of grace
And forget about that place.

I must find you, it's my mission
You're the god upon my temple
Sometimes furious, sometimes tender
You're the fountain of my wisdom
If i suffer, you're the reason
Life without you would be prison.

But the night has won this battle
My brown eyes are shutting down
In the sleep, the truth i found
A huge wave has changed the weather
It made me realise that i won't settle
Maybe i'll chase you, maybe i won't
Maybe you were not the one after all.

Lo escribí hace mucho y probablemente haré una melodía que lo acompañe, sólo si me convenzo de ello.

Hope you like it (:


4 comentarios:

bruce springsteen dijo...

beautiful, it is for me????
you better say yes, haha!!!!!!

Rita Kirwan dijo...

No G, it's not for you! In fact, you know for whom I wrote it...

...and please, do not hit me. Remember, i still have your glasses! BTW, i used them today :P

bruce springsteen dijo...

is for the fucked up wannabe?????
im gonna kick you the next time i see ya, i can buy another glasses anyway!!!!

Rita Kirwan dijo...

Well, i don't like him anymore so you can avoid the part where you kick me ^^