[ the words ]

Rita was in Montauk; she was divagating with Miss Kozzy one night about how painful was the situation, about how long that sorrow would be there, about how deep and bitter was this heartache...about the things that she couldn't say to Kissecito before the rough and unexpected end of their non-existent story, story that was developing only on Rita's head, soul and heart. And then, Rita said it. Rita said the words that she could never say before, just to Miss Kozzy and to herself...

'...yes, i am madly in loved with him...i can't see anything that i don't like about him; i fell in love with his virtues, his fears, his insecurities, his style, his defects; i even fell in love with the things that were made to pull me apart from him. And now i realise that he doesn't love me, he never loved me and he never will because he found someone that he doesn't have to change because she's already gorgeous, smart and perfect. Yes, Miss Kozzy, i now realise that i not only like him...i love him...i love him so much...'

A year has passed since that conversation; today Rita is back on Mountauk after the journey she made in order to forget about all the wounds, the scars, the grief. She forgot about it but she can't let him go, not yet.

She knows she must tell him the words. He has to know that Rita still loves him. Rita has to hear from his voice that he cannot love her today and he won't love her any day in the future. And Rita knows it but something inside her can't believe it just yet.

Kissecito, you have to know.

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doctor & artist dijo...

do you love Wally huu? ¬¬
he's my boy, ok? jajajaja

. . .

I need to see my "pop-art" ;D
you could make me so happy
. .. "the words" I could cry
with yourrrr. . .words? jaja
I hate Kissecito ¬_¬ !
I think that sometimes
is not so good that you tell
this person that you love him..
nah, I don't advise you to "say it"
it may bring you hurt & fear &
disappoinment :/ but whatever..

I love you girl ♪