[ working title: a shit with months in it ]

During today's dawn i wrote my first fully-english poem...i wrote a song once, it was called The Magic Waterfont but this one is a simple, nice poem inspired by a phrase Carl Barât said during an interview with Clashmusic.com...

No honey in a whole year, check it out...

The things i won't have.

By November i won't have any friends
But i'll keep all my rules and all my trends
By December i won't have a band
But i don't give a damn
I have everything i want
I don't need your fucking hand.

By January i won't have any money
But i'll be just as happy 'cause this days aren't sunny
By February i won't have a phone
and i'll be all alone
but rolling like a stone
without your lousy tone.

By March i won't have a light
'Cause i can't find the matches in the middle of the night
By April i won't have a rose
Or your hair upon my nose
i don't want you even close
Right now i think you're gross.

By May i won't have a car
I can't drive it anyway, i now live at a bar
By June i won't have a pet
And i won't be upset
If i lose your respect
By tomorrow, i'll forget.

By July i won't have a piano
And that won't even care if i'm stoned with valium
By August i won't have a rug
But it was for your dog
So, if you want your stuff
I think you can fuck off.

By September i won't have much
But i don't need that much, i still have my old touch
By October i won't have a past
Today's a year at last
And i'm having a blast
'Cause i dumped you really fast.

:: I just remembered...this isn't the first fully-english poem i wrote...i made one for the W.A.S. Cheer.Team MX, you can read it clicking over the pic above (:

"We Are Scientists, Please Come", The Poem.

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