[ JQ, this is 4U & 4 The Mets ]

My dear readers, today i woke up with the gigantic desire of listen to a band that made me feel nice 'n' cozy, just like a cup of hot coco or a huge, soft and non.animal fur coat, i knew it had to be a special band owner of a fresh sound and with lots of attitude, the truth is i didn't had to go too far to find it, it was already filling up my head...

The name of the heroic band of my day is Jesse Quin & The Mets, they have this eclectic sound, if i must say; an irish-scottish vibe surrounds my head every time i play "Silently", i can't see anything but peace and happy faces every time i listen to each song and dear lord, almost any band can make me feel this way but hell yeah; Jesse, Phil, Erika, Jarrett and Sophie are too cool to be true- - -OMG, but the music is real and i'em for making it! (:

JQ eats up his cat~

I met the big JQ thanks to >>Keane<<, he completely captured my senses at the Mexico City concert on 28th February, specially when he went on stage after the encore and gave us the awesome Under Pressure start, i was looking at him and i couldn't stop, he's great u_u; i also know that he's quite honest, don't ya Jesse? You're not that keen on writing lyrics and you're a bit lazy with your own music but let me tell you that you do amazing things when your hands reach an instrument...i'm honest as well and i won't lie if i say that, when i listened for the very first time "Always Catching Up", i felt magic running through my vains...Jesse Quin & The Mets are magical.

JQ & The Mets

Dear readers, you should check their music clicking over...

CliCk <--- to Official Site
to MySpace ---> CliCk
CliCk <--- to Facebook
to purchase their music ---> CliCk

...i'm back at the start of the things that i'd overcome, so...
...put on your old fur coat; wrap up and go and cast your vote 'cause, oh...
...it could be your only hope.

You're gonna love'em as much as i do so sit back and listen to some magic made music~

[btw...Jesse, i love your blog (: ]

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