[ happy birthday paleface♥ ]

...Happy Birthday To You Buster...

After so many years, people like me still remembers October 4th as your nice day, hopefully you won't get bored by the bunch of letters.

You might ger some weird presents but all of'em contain lots of love, specially the cake i'll make for you, should be chocolate flavor or strawberries & cream?

Wherever you are, you must know that i love you deeply and just like the Kip Song: I'll love you always and forever~; we'll meet someday to walk under the rain (:

Sé que Buster Keaton está muerto y que Jòzz se burlará de mí por felicitar a un muerto pero tenía que hacerlo porque lo amo...

...aunque jöZz también se reirá de eso.

En fin, celebremos a Buster Keaton con cine mudo, ropa genial y mucha felicidad!

BTW...estrenando imagen once again, está re.pretty para sonreír así que qué esperan? Sonrían!

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