[ after all- ]

You know, many times things doesn't go out the way you wanted to.

At times you think "Hey, i have nothing to lose!" and you take the chance of a lifetime, you put all your hope and effort on it to make this turn out right..."maybe i'll let go the shit that happened before". Ok, you take the leap, you wait and everything appears to be going pretty fucking well, to your amazement! You did it, hell yeah! You feel happy for a couple weeks, perhaps. Then, everything gets incredibly wrong.

"He said we were friends, that should have meant something, right? But as soon as he knew something he wasn't keen on, he forgot about our 'friendship' and vanished from my life. There were several moments where i needed someone like him by my side and, by the time i learnt that he never loved me, not even as a friend, it was too late. Yeah, it was too fucking late."

That's part of an interesting story and probably a description of another silly story, like Frank Ginsberg falling in love with a man that fell in love with his worst enemy...Frank attempted suicide which makes me wonder if i was just a poser in the art of depression. Anyway, i came here to tell you that, sometimes, things doesn't go out the way you want out and some of the best things are the ones you never imagined.

As one of the Jonas Brothers said once, give love a try.
No, i'm not a fan.

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