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Today i finally listened the 10 tracks of Humbug, the new Arctic Monkeys album that will be released on August 24th; the material i got is right from the studio, even though the audio it's a bit clandestine has a great quality and you can give an accurate opinion about it and that's exactly what i'm going to do next...just, in case you didn't heard about the new Monkeys album and you want to know some more details, click >>here<<.

Rita's Critique | Humbug - Arctic Monkeys
10 tracks | 39 minutes | ****1/2

My Propeller: The opening song, you shake with the first drum sounds followed by the dark and anticipated psychodelic atmosphere; the low voice of Alex gets a provocative touch by the time you reach the "...my propeller..." by the first minute with a few seconds for the very first time. 2:15 and the music explosion now goes with the same dark tone of Turner, giving a new life and sense to the song. | Lenght: 3:28 | ****

Crying Lightning: The favourite track of the Arctic Monkeys while they were recording; it sums up the Hendrix influence with the classic AM sounds that we caught on the Favourite Worst Nightmare. Powerful riffs, extraodinaire lyrics, new beats, great balance...the ingredients of another hit on Turner's record. | Lenght: 3:43 | *****

Dangerous Animals: This song is Nick O'Malley's song; the bass has the main part right from the start; the hook of this song is the peculiar and genious spelling...D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S A-N-I-M-A-L; a song that will capture your whole senses. | Lenght: 3:24 | *****

Secret Door: The first ballad of the album, it has this classic European vibe that makes you wanna drop everything to travel and drink a cup of tea watching the sunset...and, then, when you start missing the electric guitars, our dear Jamie Cook appears and gets the atmosphere even more alive. An excellent drum line with Mr. Helders and the very special and charming voice of Alex makes of this song a sweet experiment. | Lenght: 3:44 | ****1/2

Potion Approaching: The drums makes you thing on something militar while the bass and guitar are the classic Monkeys thing; then there's a mix with something quite classic, something that you can clearly picture on some 70's gangsters and thieves film...a bit blues...and then we go back to realise that yours is the only ocean... | Lenght: 3:33 | ***1/2

Fire And The Thud: Chorus, some divine chorus take you in while you get poisoned by the smooth sounds of the light guitars and slow drums that keeps you, as usual, expecting the moment of explosion that breaks the soft enviroment you created and yes, that will come but not in a rude way, it's something you won't find invasive or overreacted. The rythm goes back to the beginning, to the clarity where finds the end that deserves. | Lenght: 3:50 | *****

Cornerstone: This song has a bit of T.Rex combined with a lot of Morris Albert; a classic sound, clearly new for Turner, Cook, O'Malley and Helders. A mid.voice, the best Turner's tone; the entrance of a beautiful riff and, suddenly, the song builds up and down with the same intensity and peace. | Lenght: 3:18 | *****

Dance Little Liar: We go back to the old movies with the same seductive voice but now immersed on the dark side. Unusual chorus for the things we got used to with the past two albums but the same Sheffield-style lyrics...the same passion, the same spirit. In this case, the song builds it's own way down to surprise us by reaching a high excitement using major riffs. Ending with some drums, it couldn't get better than this. | Lenght: 4:44 | ****

Pretty Visitors: A church thing going on...not for long. Ohhh, that bass!! The organ is now a part of the madness; no one could get enough of the roller coasters that The Monkeys love as well...from the scary temple to the flames of hell or the flames of hell back to the scary temple. A lyrics nos as quick as in the past albums which is really nice. This isn't a song for you, Jonas fan. | Lenght: 3:41 | ***1/2

The Jeweller's Hand: The Cream influence it's quite notorious on this track, the closing part of the journey had to have a huge moment preceded by the drum's rumble; the instruments get stronger on the lower tones with some touches of high pitch thanks to the guitar. The voice remains dark, slow and hypnotic as the climax arrives...then we get there and everything it's over...and you have to start all over to believe it because it's too fucking good to be true. Different, risky, bold...supreme. Nothing less could be expected from the Turner's mind and the Monkey's magic. | Lenght: 5:43 | ****

| Closing |
Worth the wait? Hell Yeah!
You should buy it? Absolutely
85% of Monkeys fans will be satisfied.
75% of the new listeners will be satisfied.
Was...: Unexpected
The result is...: Exciting

They also played a live video recording through their website today; Pretty Visitors, Crying Lightning, Secret Door, Potion Approaching and Dance Little Liar formed the tracklist; a minimalistic stage in the shadows with glances of colorful lights and artistic shots of each monkey...it was awesome, hopefully they'll publish it on the site to see it over and over! I'll keep you posted about that.

This album it's something special, i completely recommend it to you, my dear readers.
Please, be happy and listen great music~
♥ (:

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